Insultab 3015000C1A5 HS-105 1-12 25' Clear Polyvinylchloride Heat Shrink Tubing 782298365305

Insultab 3015000C1A5 HS-105 1-12 25' Clear Polyvinylchloride Heat Shrink Tubing 782298365305

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This Insultab 3015000C1A5 HS-105 clear heat shrink tubing has a 1-1/2 inside diameter ID, is 25 long, and is suitable for bundling wires, repairing insulation, insulating wires and wired connections for protection from abrasion or contact, and providing strain relief. It is made of PVC polyvinyl chloride for strength and resistance to chemicals, oils, moisture, salt water, fungus, and ultraviolet UV light. It has a 21 shrink ratio and a volume resistivity of 21.5 x 10 to the 12th power ohm-cm. It is Restriction of Hazardous Substances RoHS compliant, meets Underwriters Laboratories UL Subject 224 VW-1 standard for flammability, Canadian Standards Association CSA OFT standard for 600 volts, and ASTM International D3150 and Society of Automotive Engineers SAE AMS-DTL-23053/2 Class 2 standards for electrical insulation. This heat shrink tubing is suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, automotive, and military electrical applications. Note The inner diameter of the tubing is 1.5, but when measured flat, will be a minimum of 2.355. Specifications Color Clear Shrink ratio 21 Expanded ID 1.5 38.1mm Maximum recovered ID 0.75 19.05mm Nominal recovered wall thickness 0.043 1.09mm Minimum recommended shrink temperature 100 degrees C 212 degrees F Operating temperature range -20 to 105 degrees C Longitudinal shrinkage Approximately 15% Specific gravity 1.32 Tensile strength 3,000 pounds per square inch psi Elongation limit 300% Brittleness temperature -28 degrees C Dialectic strength 1,083 volts per meter vpm Standards met RoHS compliantUL Subject 224 VW-1CSA OFT rated for 600VASTM International standard D3150SAE standard AMS-DTL-23053/2 Class 2 Insultab manufactures general purpose tubing and heat-shrinkable tubing. The company, founded in 1953 and located in Woburn, MA, meets International Organization for Standardization ISO standard 90012008.
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