Gates 560-8MGT-30 GT 2 PowerGrip Belt 8mm Pitch 30mm Width 70 Teeth 2205 Pitch Length 072053555011

Gates 560-8MGT-30 GT 2 PowerGrip Belt 8mm Pitch 30mm Width 70 Teeth 2205 Pitch Length 072053555011

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The Gates PowerGrip is a toothed timing belt, also known as a synchronous belt or camshaft belt, for lightweight, compact drives. It is made of neoprene for resistance to dirt, grease, oil, and moisture. It has fiberglass tensile cords for strength, durability, and resistance to elongation and a nylon tooth facing for quieter operation and resistance to wear. Gates patented tooth profile is designed for use with a specific sprocket groove profile. This belt is recommended for use with the PowerGrip GT2 sprocket not included. The sprocket groovebelt tooth combination increases load capacity, while improving registration. Unlike roller chain drives, this belt eliminates the need for lubrication and re-tensioning, thereby reducing maintenance. This PowerGrip timing belt is suitable for many applications such as HVAC, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, machine tools, food processors, conveyors, packaging systems, laundry equipment, pulp and paper processors, and agricultural equipment.TIming belts have teeth on the underside of the belt that join with the grooves in a rotating pulley to transmit power at a constant speed without slippage. They are made of compounded rubber and are reinforced lengthwise with fiberglass cords for added strength. The belts require minimal re-tensioning and maintenance, no lubrication, and provide quiet operation. Timing belts are used in industrial applications such as agriculture, textile manufacturing, mining, and printing machinery, and consumer applications such as office equipment, home appliances, and automobiles.Gates manufactures power transmission belts as well as hydraulic and fluid power products. The company was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Denver, CO.
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