How to Reset Password

If you forgot your password you can recover it by clicking on the link under login fields ‘Forgot password?’ or click here reset password . Enter your Email address, and the link with reset instructions will be emailed to you.

How to Sell / Post item

After you have logged on click on Sell / Post on top of the page.


Step 1

Click checkbox: I have read the 'Terms and Condition' and click Continue


Step 2

Enter Seller details ( all fields required ) and click Save Seller Details button


Type of Sale Options

Auction – Item will sell to highest bidder.

Retail – is set price, or you can allow buyers to send their offer.

Wholesale – Set price, different price for different quantities.

How to post Item to buy

After you have logged on click on ‘Post Wanted’ on top of the page. Or click here. And follow all the steps.

How to leave a feedback

For items bought go to ‘Purchase History’ or click here. Choose the item you want to leave a feedback for and click ‘Leave Feedback’.

For items sold go to ‘Sold’ or click here. Choose the item you want to leave a feedback for and click ‘Leave Feedback’.

How to manage inventory

On the left side check mark the items you would like to revise.  Make all the changes and click ‘Save Changes’ button on top or on the bottom of the page. Use the search bar to find specific group of items faster.

Editable from the Inventory page:

  • Status – Active (active visible on the website). Pause (Paused, Non visible);
  • Quantity;
  • Price;
  • Offers – if offers are enabled in the listing, you can change the limits;
  • Shipping – you can change the shipping price and enable/disable international shipping and change the price for it.

My sellsim home

Messages – Messages between other members or system.

Offers – Offers received for items selling.

Purchase History – List of all item bought.

Watching – Items you follow. You can add items you like to follow to your watch list simply by clicking button ‘Add To Watch List’

Wanted – Items you want to buy.

Inventory – List of items you are selling.

Sold – List of items sold.

Wanted offers – Offers received from sellers for the item you want to buy.

Feedback – Feedback you have received and left to others.

Need to Ship – Items Sold and not shipped yet.

Store – Your store.

Payments – Fee and refund total.

Personal Info – Where you can change your personal info.

Change Password – Where you can change your password.

Resolution Center –  Resolve problems with transactions.