XBMC IPTV PVR Client Setup - For more Live Channels. Easy steps to get extra few hundred Live TV channels on your Android TV Box.


Step 1.


Open XBMC and Select System Settings, check Enabled (LIVE TV)


Step 2.


You will now see a message saying you must enable a PVR client add-on. Click OK (If for some reason it does not take you to the below location, go to System -> Settings -> addons -> get addons -> all addons (or disabled addons) PVR client, and select IPTV Simple Client)


Step 3.


Select IPTV Simple Client

-Select Enable

-Select Configure

-Select General

-select Remote path And Under m3u playlist type on of these links:

For USA channels: http://file.xbmcmxtv.com/2legit.m3u

For Spanish: http://file.xbmcmxtv.com/espanol3.m3u

For Africa: http://file.xbmcmxtv.com/africa.m3u

For Africa 2: http://file.xbmcmctv.com/africa2.m3u

For Brazil: http://file.xbmcmxtv.com/brasil.m3u

For XXX: http://file.xbmcmctv.com/xxx.m3u

For Russian: https://edem.tv/playlists/uplist/34ee396a2a683416f3567449c9f88b60/edem_pl.m3u8

For Russian 2: http://peers.tv/services/2/playlist.m3u

click done


Step 4.


UNCHECK 'Cache m3u at local storage' so it will update list everytime xbmc kodi restarts. Make sure you click ok for settings to take effect.


Step 5.


Restart XBMC! If afert restart messages pops up no PVR enabled, chose IPTV Simple Client again and click ,Enable, And restart XBMC one more time. When all done you will now see a link to LiveTV or TV on your mainscreen. You will also see a prompt on the right side of the screen saying the channels are loading. You must wait for that to finish otherwise not all channels will show.


Enjoy! wink

Answer 1

Internet connection, WI-FI settings maybe exclaim

Answer 2

my box does not load iptv simple client and when I go video, file, genesis or any other one will not open the movies it said working but doesn't load the movies. would tell what the problem is
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