USA Live Channel Update for Navi-X


NAVI-X favorites Update! To get live USA Channels in English and Spanish!




Go to you Android app folder and open ‘Browser app’,

In the address bar on top type in: and click ‘Go’

Then open XBMC go to System -> File Manager In the left ‘A’ Window, go to Profile Directory -> Addon Data -> script.Navi-X (open it ang go to the right window)  In the right ‘B’ window, go to Add Sources, then click on ‘Browse’, then, External Storage -> Download and click ‘ok’ button on the right side. And ‘ok’ again. Then click on Download -> an you should see favorites.plx click the menu button on the remote and select ‘copy’ and ‘ok’.

And that’s it! Your NAVI Favorite folder will have all the latest lists of live channels. Just go to Programs -> Navi -> My favorites



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