Who are we?


We are a group of sellers specializing in electronics market. 


Why The purpose of this marketplace is:


Easy to use


Everything on is made for better faster use then in any other online marketplace. For example, Messaging system is chat style with one click to transactions view, so you can easily see the previous conversation with your buyer or seller and with 1 click you see all transactions between you. 




In Inventory page you can easily adjust the prices, shipping, quantity or offer limits for multiple items at the same time.


Buyer – Seller Equal Ratings


On we let the buyer and the seller rate the quality of transaction equally meaning that buyer and seller both can leave positive, neutral or negative feedback. That encourages both sides to communicate better between each other.


Seller Friendly Experience


We care about our sellers as much as we care for buyers.  Where, most online marketplaces only care about the buyers. We have created few ways to eliminate scammers and cheaters who buy and lie to get stuff for free. Liars and cheaters will be recognized very fast. As well as we block fraudulent sellers. We care about good experience both ways.


Scammer Filter


We have filters sellers can use to block buyers who have received more than usual % of negative feedback from other sellers

This helps to eliminate the scammers overall, doesn’t let them keep abusing other sellers.


Small Fees


No listing fees, no member ship fees, no hidden fees. There is only one flat 3% fee on sold items only. If transaction later gets refunded the fee also reverses automatically.


2 Way Sales


You can sell. Or you can offer to buy what you want for your price.