Moultrie A Series Camera Security Box MCA-13136 053695131368

Moultrie A Series Camera Security Box MCA-13136 053695131368

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Now you can leave your Moultrie game camera out in the field without worrying about it being stolen. Powder-coated and made from heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, the Moultrie security box is designed to easily strap to a tree, pole or other permanent structure. Simply slide a Python or other 1 security cable through two holes in the back plate and secure it with the included lag bolts. A front piece that locks with a padlock not included secures your camera inside the box while allowing it to remain usable. The boxs design also allows for the easy installation of an optional Moultrie power panel. Whatever Moultrie camera you own, from the best-selling A-5 to the panoramic 150I, we offer a security box built specifically for it. Fits 2016 a Series cameras only.
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