Libbey Cosmopolitan 4-piece Glass Set 89584 031009623921

Libbey Cosmopolitan 4-piece Glass Set 89584 031009623921

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If you love a good cosmopolitan cocktail - with just the right amount of vodka and a delectable hit of lime - then you know the value of perfect presentation. And you would never dream of disappointing your guests with anything less than just the right glassware the Libbey Cosmopolitan 4-piece Glass Set. The classic stemless shape is not only just right for serving your creative cosmo drinks, but its also the perfect size to display your famous appetizer and dessert recipes. From your indescribable strawberry shortcake trifle to your very own take on the basic 7-layer bean dip, these cute, classy cosmo glasses transform your kitchen into a classy Manhattan cantina and your finger food into an eye-popping, finger-licking, photo-clicking delight.
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