Bits and Pieces Stories to Soothe the Soul or Raise the Hackles

Bits and Pieces Stories to Soothe the Soul or Raise the Hackles

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Acclaim for Bits and Pieces Stories to Soothe the Soul or Raise the Hackles by Chuck MansfieldLucine Marous has written, From the warmth of the tributes honoring family and friends to the sharpness of the political comments in the vignettes chosen to be a part of the book there is ample evidence presented to support and fulfill the challenges of its title. Additionally, Things That Have Paid Off for Me in My Life reveals the strength of character of the author which undoubtedly contributes to making the book so interesting to peruse. As every reader will learn, there is much here to warm the cockles of the heart. Linda Giarraputo Jeans has e-mailed, Powerful with no guessing where you stand. I have friends who would probably burn it, but I know more who will be cheering when they read this.Former marine corps combat helicopter pilot and Vietnam War veteran Bain D. Slack has written, Chuck Mansfield has proven before that he is a terrific author, editor, critic and philosopher. But he has outdone himself with BITS AND PIECES. When I read this book I laughed out loud at its humorous bits and I cried like a baby over its heart-breaking, gut-wrenching tragic pieces. This book gives us much needed relief from the idiotic, politically correct drivel that we have been inundated with for the past decade or so. It is a much longed-for return to that old fashioned American common sense. Every bit and every piece is dead-on accurate, right on target, right in the center of the bulls eye. I loved every word of this book. We need Mansfields words in an era of such pathetic political correctness and so many lies by the left wing media and politicians. Anne Groh has e-mailed that I believe your new book is going to be a very accurate telling of the current history of our times.Former US Air Force officer and gastroenterologist Dr. Denis M. Murphy has e-mailed, Finally read the preface to your book. If the book is anything like the preface, its going to be a gang buster I shared that with Maureen and she agrees.US Navy veteran and retired CEO James C. Norwood, Jr. has written, I found Mansfields new book well written, informative and I think he has a winner.Brother Lawrence W. Syriac, SM, of Chaminade High School Mineola, NY has called the book a great read and at times funny. I like the way it is sectioned off so you can read at several sittings.Former US Air Force combat fighter pilot, Vietnam War veteran, and career American Airlines pilot George A. Krumenacker has e-mailed, I read a good chunk of your manuscript and I find your compilation of vignettes a combination of common-sense conservative with a touch of whimsy and humor. Riveting throughout and fun and easy to read. Very enjoyable.
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